Who We Are


Gorilla Savage is a urban streetwear clothing brand founded by Jeremy Williams December 11th, 2017 in Memphis, TN. Gorilla Savage was founded in efforts to inspire others to walk with their Head Up, Chest Out, and Go 100% everyday. Since then, Gorilla Savage has increasingly made efforts to distribute this message through apparel, community service and engagement, & donations to multiple charities. 

Why "Gorilla Savage"?

We chose the gorilla simply because when gorillas walk they walk with their head up and there chest out. This helps them have better vision of what's ahead but to us this symbolizes that they walk confidently at every turn of life. It is important to us to have this confidence mentality when facing real-world situations and certainly situations that will take us to the next level in life. We want everyone to believe that they can be whatever they inspire to be. The term Savage is a trendy word that we use to express going all out (going 100%) at whatever you face or are passionate for. It is crucial to give it your all at every facet of life to improve and be the best.


Mission Statement

Our mission here at Gorilla Savage is to inspire people to be the best version of themselves by publishing dynamic, motivational extracts on quality garments. We aim to inspire people to achieve the impossible while giving them a stylish look to wear. 

Our founder believes, "If you can grow your mindset to think more critically, grow your heart to love more gently , and clear your vision so you can see more vividly then and only then can you start accessing some of the best parts of yourself."


We aim to inspire adults to maintain a successful mindset no matter what phase of life they are in and look good doing it. Additionally, we want to inspire those who can't or rarely inspire themselves, those who have a never-ending war with depression, anxiety, cancer, lupus, and many more. We will continue to aid in the fight for mental health and mental well-being. We are here to create a positive influence on the community and reach as many people as we can.  


Community Service & Engagement