About our CEO

 Jeremy Williams, is a Memphis native that had a vision to inspire communities beyond his reach to posses confidence in their abilities as well help others build their confidence. Excelling in academics, Jeremy graduated from Whitehaven High School and went to Rhodes College to study business marketing. At Rhodes, he learned more the business profession as a entrepreneur which led to the birth of Gorilla Savage in the winter on 2017. Gorilla Savage was made to inspire generations to keep their Head Up, Chest Out, and Go 100% as much as they can. In a interview, Jeremy said, "We know the everyday toll of life can be draining, especially when social and economic factors weigh in. That's why we want to, for the most part, give hope to people who feel like they're on their last straw. People who have been knocked down by life multiple times and don't know what else to do. It's ok. As long as you stay focused on the goal (keep your head up), believe in yourself and your abilities (chest out), and put your all into whatever you chose (Go 100%) better days will come.". We want our customers to feel confident when they wearing our gear while also contributing to the latest trend.